HeyBubble updates and new features:
Archives, Settings improvements and more...
Happy end of Summer everyone!! We have some great news to share and a lot has happened since our last post.

HeyBubble is getting very close to its premium version with some major improvements and updates.
Archives are now available on our web application to retrieve chats and past conversations, operators can manage their own settings for a more comfortable experience, some settings can be extended to full domains or sub-domains and more to come.

As you know we are constantly making changes and updating our technology to continue to provide you with a robust live chat solution.


Archives are live!


You can now retrieve any chat or conversation from the past as well as names and email addresses of people you've chatted with! Don't worry about loosing your visitors details anymore.

Visit the Archives page of your web dashboard to check that awesome new feature. Don't hesitate to tell us what you think in the chat.

Operators now have their own settings

Non-admin operators can now define their own shortcuts and page tagging to improve their way to chat.

Pre defined messages and page tags are improving visibility and chat efficiency, we definitely recommend to
set up your settings completely to convert more visitors and increase their satisfaction rates.

Introduction of the * 

It's now possible to send invitations to chat to your visitors as well as route chats to your groups using whole domains or sub-domains rather than single pages only.
Very useful for sites having a lot of pages, sections and hundreds of products.
Visit our tutorials for more details.

Next big move:



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