We Are Hiring!

Headquartered in SoHo, New York, HeyBubble was created with the sole purpose to improve interactions between visitors and a websites staff, increase relationships with potential customers, and create trust through interactions. Our tools reflect how much we are involved in bringing humanity to online transactions. HeyBubble will evolve regularly; we have a lot of great new features in development. We’d love to hear what features you’d find useful by Email or by Chat!

Our team is growing everyday, here’s a little peak into some of the minds and personalities of the team that keeps this place running smoothly.


CEO & Co Founder

David Amsallem is a French dude who studied Mathematics and Engineering in Paris, France. Passionate about tech startups and online services, David wanted to come to the US for a long time and left France for New York in 2011 to create HeyBubble Inc.
David wants to improve online customer service by providing new tools. Very caring of his customers needs, don't be surprised if David sometimes answers your questions or concerns in the chat!

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CMO & Co Founder

Jim Kernan, a Duke (Fuqua) MBA, is the analytics guru.  In a former life he traded foreign currency structured derivatives; he left Wall Street in 2010 and began his entrepreneurial career.  As a hybrid marketer, he is just as focused on writing the catchy headline as writing the code to help track its effectiveness.  Jim is focused on making HeyBubble the leader in customer service analytics by making it easy for organizations to gather meaningful information to better serve customers and drive conversions.

Without the support and feedback of those who are using our technology, we wouldn’t be here. We are very lucky to have so many people think our software is great and we are proud that you still do. Hope you love it too!

With Special Thanks To:

Eric Amsallem, Early Investor, Legal & Financial Advisor and Co-Founder.

Igor Rozenblum, Sandie Touz, Alison Butler, Timothy Cocores, Thibault Corby, Maureen Ouahbe, Jerome Elfassy, Nathan Amsallem, Sophie Levy, Konstantinos Kollias (Printing.is), Olivier Levy (Shopping-feed.com), David Aubespin (Topi.com), WeWork.com, NYTechDay’s Team, and all our Beta users.